UMD TerpFootprints

As part of ongoing integrations of sustainability principles and academic experiences, UMD Facilities Management (FM) is collaborated with City@UMD, a UMD research group, on this dashboard for energy commodities and water use. The dashboard, which utilizes existing meter databases at UMD maintained by FM, is able to collect, clean and aggregate meters of varying energy types and intervals. The online dashboard is available to facility managers, faculty, and students with the aim to transform the campus into a living laboratory where each group participates to create a more sustainable UMD. Centered around a map view of campus, the dashboard quickly provides a visual overview of individual building’s energy use intensities (EUIs) along with monthly charts of utility usages for the whole campus. At the building level, the dashboard provides weekly, monthly and yearly views of each meter belonging to the building; additionally there are options for Excel Sheet exports of meter data and printable building utility reports. As a whole, the dashboard designs to aid users in monitoring utility usage at every level from whole campus to building sub-meter.