Community Immunity to Pathogens and Air Quality Threats

In December 2018, researchers form University of Texas at Austin, University of California Berkeley and Morgan State University were hosted by their colleagues at the University of Maryland to envision an engineering system capable of addressing pathogen and air quality threats in indoor environments.

Resilient Infrastructure for Sustainable Communities

This workshop aims to generate initiatives into research supporting innovations in designing, constructing and maintaining building stock and other civil infrastructure to be more resilient and sustainable.

Influenza Transmission and the Built Environment

In March 2014 engineers, designers, and researchers from around the world met at the SESYNC headquarters in Annapolis, MD. There they attended a workshop that explored creative new approaches to solving transmission problems of airborne infections in sustainable and healthy buildings.

Measurement Science For Sustainable Construction and Manufactureing

A major need for achieving sustainable construction and manufacturing is to establish meaningful measurements for the complex attributes of sustainability suitable for lifecycle considerations. What one can measure, one can manage. NIST, ASCE, ASME and the University of Maryland are holding a workshop to address this challenge. Workshop will take place on June 12-13 at the ASCE Bechtel Center in Dulles, VA